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Allergens and Dietary

Can I eat your doughnuts if I have a nut allergy or any other allergy?

Our doughnuts are made in a kitchen which does handle nuts, nut-based products and other allergens. Whilst we take steps to avoid cross-contamination there may be trace amount of allergens in our doughnuts so we wouldn't recommend our doughnuts for a

Can I eat your doughnuts if I have a milk or egg allergy?

Our vegan doughnuts are prepared using a vegan recipe but are not suitable for milk and egg allergy sufferers as these allergens are present in our kitchen where our doughnuts are made.

I have an allergy that you haven't listed above, what do I do?

All of our allergen information can be found here! This gets updated regularly with our new products and collections so you can always find up to date information.

What's in your doughnuts?

Our doughnuts are lovingly made using our top-secret flour blend, yeast and vegetable shortening. The glazes vary depending on the flavour but you can find the ingredients for these here!.

How are your doughnuts made?

We have a dedicated team of doughnut creators who cut, shape and prove our dough, which they then fry, glaze and decorate by hand for your enjoyment!.

How long do your doughnuts last?

For a good time, we recommend eating your doughnuts on the day of purchase or delivery. If kept in a cool dry place our online orders have a 3-day shelf life from the day of dispatch because of how we package them. We wouldn’t recommend freezing our

How fresh are your doughnuts?

All our doughnuts are made fresh daily. Our store doughnuts are delivered to stores daily first thing in the morning and our online orders are dispatched the day they are made for next day delivery (our unique packaging helps keep them fresh during t

Do you have any vegan friendly doughnuts?

Yes we do! Our vegan doughnuts are made to a vegan recipe and are void of animal products. All our doughnuts, except for our Baked range, are made in the same kitchen and although cross-contamination is near impossible in the kitchen, we still think

Do you have Gluten Free doughnuts?

Yes! Our Baked range of cake doughnuts are made using Gluten Free ingredients and have been independently certified as a Gluten Free product!. The current legislation states that only food that contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten c

How can I tell what doughnuts are Baked?

All our Baked range of cake doughnuts have been photographed with a blue background to make it easily identified. Each product name will include the term "Gluten Free" also.

Are Baked cake doughnuts totally Gluten Free?

We have had all our Baked cake doughnuts independently tested and have been certified as a Gluten Free product containing less than 2 micrograms of gluten content (the government advises that products must contain less than 20 micrograms to be classe

Is your Baked range suitable for people with Coeliac?

Our Gluten free products are produced in a completely separate product facility, in a different building to our main kitchen to avoid any cross contamination. The products are baked, decorated and packed in this separate kitchen. The current legislat