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In-Store Loyalty

Do you have a loyalty scheme?

Yes! We have a digital loyalty scheme for all of our in-store purchases. You can sign up for this in-store at the time of your transaction.

How can I sign up to the in-store loyalty scheme?

Simply sign up with your phone number after your first purchase, and track your points progress via text! Your payment card will also be linked to your account, so if you forget to add your phone number, you’ll still get the points if you use your li

How do I earn points for the in-store loyalty scheme?

Receive one Point per doughnut, cookie, coffee or gluten free doughnut purchased. To obtain a Point, you must enter your phone number after checkout via the Loyalty Programme “Check-in or pay via a linked payment card. Exchange 10 Points for a free r

What rewards can you claim through the loyalty scheme?

Exchange 10 Points for a free reward. Choose from 1 doughnut, 1 gluten free doughnut, 1 cookie or 1 coffee. Only 1 reward can be redeemed per transaction.

Do you accept Stamp Cards?

Our stamp card loyalty will no longer be active after 31st May. Please note, stamp card points cannot be transferred to our Digital Loyalty scheme.